Life is hard and we need some relief.
We are over band aid solutions and political games.

Doug Ford and his Conservative government have been focused on making their real estate developer donors rich, that they’ve forgotten about the very people that elected them.

Instead of getting to work on building the hospital that the Ontario Liberals promised and budgeted in 2018, or working towards bringing a university to Brampton, they cancelled all those projects and wasted two years doing absolutely nothing, only to re-promise to build the very thing they cancelled.

We cannot trust this government.

As the election approaches, they will use COVID as the reason nothing has changed in Brampton for 4 years. But truth be told, Brampton families were never their priority.

Their sad promises of cancelling license renewal fees (which is $11/month) to buy your vote is how you know this government is not committed to making real robust change to this city.

We are tired of these political games, and we are tired of representatives who are in it just for themselves.

We deserve Better, More, Now!

As your next MPP, these are the issues that I will be fighting for in Brampton!

Healthcare, Mental Health & Seniors Care

  • Health and access to health care is the foundation of healthy communities.
  • Healthcare in Brampton has been chronically underfunded. Hallway medicine is still a reality in this city. Brampton needs to implement the Ontario Liberal Party’s 2018 commitment to convert Peel Memorial from an Urgent Care Center into a full-service inpatient hospital and to build a brand-new standalone hospital to meet future demands.
  • Additionally, we need to ensure that seniors care is a priority as many of our parents and grandparents’ age. The fact that the Military was called into Grace Manor in Brampton South due to the abysmal state of Long-Term Care means we are failing our residents and this needs to change. When companies put profits above healthcare, this is the result. The current Conservative government is committed to privatizing our healthcare and these issues are likely to continue if we don’t stop them.
  • With everyone feeling a little bit more stressed and depressed, our mental health has never been more important. We are committed to prioritizing mental wellness, ensuring that services are culturally relevant and easily accessible.

Childcare and K-12 Education

  • High quality education across the lifespan is the foundation of a successful economy and country.
  • Affordable childcare is so critical for all families in Brampton and across Ontario. With families having to choose between staying home or paying thousands of dollars a month on childcare, the consequences not only impact women, who are primary caregivers but the broader economy.
  • Childcare allows women to participate in the workforce, as well as ensures women entrepreneurs to do what they love while making a living. We need to invest in childcare, ensuring there is enough supply to meet demand, ensuring that our youngest residents have the best start to life possible.
  • All students, irrespective of race, faith, social economic status deserve to attend great schools and receive robust education that will set them up for success. The evidence has shown us that this is achieved through a well funded public education system that is delivered in person in manageable class sizes. We cannot let the current Conservative government destroy our world-class education system by promoting online learning that is outsourced to the lowest bidder.
  • This also means ensuring that teachers and education workers are given the resources they need to support their students and their own families. Ensuring teachers are paid equitably and given the resources to thrive, ensures our students thrive. And with the current shortage of teachers, we need to help advocate for the profession.

Post Secondary Education & Skills Development

  • The future of work is changing at a rapid pace, and we cannot leave Brampton behind.
  • Our students, young professionals and general workforce need the skills and support required to apply for high quality in- demand jobs.
  • The future of work demands new skills and competencies and we need to prepare our workforce for those vacancies in technology, data science, medicine, etc.
  • Additionally, as we prepare to rebuild our schools and vital infrastructure projects, the skilled trades need to be promoted among young people, women, and other minority groups.
  • As the Co-founder of ICON Talent Partners, I have been working with students and young professionals to find meaningful work. I will continue to bring our tested model to the government to help all Bramptonians.

Jobs Creation and Economic Development

  • Brampton is home to some of the most educated people in the province but with limited jobs in the city, many have to commute an hour or more to work. Commuting not only costs family, but it impacts quality of life. We need to advocate for more local high value jobs.
  • Additionally, with many essential workers in food processing, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing – many need workers protection and support such as paid sick leave.
  • An investment in our city, especially our downtown core, will attract residents, patrons and businesses.

Housing Affordability and Cost of Living

  • The dream of home ownership for many first-time homebuyers and young adults is becoming increasingly unattainable.
  • Market pressures, including geopolitical affairs and foreign speculative investors are driving up the cost of housing and daily costs that require immediate attention.
  • We cannot “wait and see how things work out” as many Conservatives believe

Transit-Oriented & Green Communities

  • Taking care of our environment while meeting the needs of today and future generations is table stakes.
  • We must all be good stewards of the Earth and making smart, green choices can drastically improve the health of our planet.
  • Strengthening our transit ecosystem, ensuring All-day two-way GO services, LRT, BRT all contribute to solving our problems while protecting the environment
  • Building more highways, like the Conservative-proposed 413 is a simple case of putting profits over people and the environment
  • Sound businesses are socially and environmentally responsible

Poverty, Homelessness and Economic Dignity

  • We are only as strong as the weakest among us and so every effort must be made to ensure that those who are economically disadvantaged are supported and uplifted to positions of dignity in order to thrive
  • This means providing funding to not-for-profits and organizations that care for our most vulnerable, funding mental health and addictions services and exploring additional safety nets like Universal Basic Income pilot.

Gender & Racial Equity

  • It is abysmal that in 2022, we are still fighting for gender and racial equity
  • Systemic gender discrimination and racism are real and maintains the feminization and racialization of poverty and inequality
  • Ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work, support to flee from violence and equal opportunity are critical to levelling the playing field
  • Additionally, Anti-Black Racism, Islamophobia, and all other forms of hate are scourges in our society that need to be stamped out. This requires intentional policies and action.